Dentists In Short Hills, NJ – Implants VS Bridges

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Dentist

Dentists in Short Hills, NJ will constantly deal with patients who require implants or bridges. These two services provided by dentists in Short Hills, NJ will be beneficial as a way of replacing any teeth that have been lost due to damages or poor dental care. Although both implants and bridges will be used for the same reason, there are various advantages associated with each. If you are currently in the process of deciding whether or not these services are suitable for you, it is worth learning about the cost, limitations and success rates of each form of treatment provided by dentists in Short Hills, NJ.

Dentists In Short Hills, NJ – The Cost

The first thing to consider when you visit dentists in Short Hills, NJ for implants or bridges will be the cost. It is vital that you find an affordable service because it is not worth getting into debt that may affect other regions of your life. Implants are a very popular choice and depending on which dentist you work with, the costs will differ. The typical price for implants can range based on how bad the problem is and you can expect to pay anything from $1,500 to $30,000. For bridges to be completed, the dental patient might spend up to $1,200. This makes them much cheaper than implants but if the problem is more complex, this amount may increase.

Dentists In Short Hills, NJ – The Limitations

There are limitations associated with every service supplied by dentists in Short Hills, NJ and being aware of these limitations will allow you to prepare in the best way possible. If you are a smoker, dental implants may not be suitable for you because this form of treatment will not be as long-lasting if you are a heavy smoker. Also, if someone has very low bone density, it is possible that bone grafts may need to take place before implants can be fitted. Bridges are much more versatile and the main requirement for this treatment is that the patient has at least one healthy tooth, so that they can be fitted securely.

Dentists In Short Hills, NJ – The Success Rate

The success rate must be focused on prior to arranging treatment with dentists in Short Hills, NJ. This will enable you to feel confident about your investment and you can then rely on the treatment you receive to last for many years with no problems. The reason why both implants and bridges are so popular is because they both have a considerably high success rate and for implants, the success rate stays steady at 95 percent after the first five years of it being completed. For bridges, the success rate reaches 100 percent, proving them to be a worthwhile investment.

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