3 Children’s Dentist Visit Tips

For some children, visiting the dentist’s office is not an enjoyable experience. A dentist and their hygienist is going to prod around inside their mouth. While it is true that technological advancements make the process less invasive, it is still something that even adults find uncomfortable. As you prepare your child, and yourself, for their visit to Children’s Dentistry Lincoln Square, there are some things to remember.

Here are three children’s dentist visit tips to consider.

Check Your Feelings

Some children get through their first dental appointment with no hiccups. It could be because their parents do not feel anxiety, either. Before your children’s dental appointment, check your feelings. Your little ones turn to you for your guidance. They are watching how you react, how you handle situations and what you say, even when you do not notice. A child that develops healthy feelings toward having their teeth examined and cleaned twice a year by a professional is a child who is more likely to continue this habit into adulthood.

Rewards are not Necessary

Parenting is not the easiest road. Under the stress of your responsibilities, it is understandable why you would like to make it as easy as possible to coax your children into visiting the dentist’s office without making it an ordeal by rewarding them after the appointment. Gifting your children with items they have asked for, will enjoy and makes them happy probably gives you a warm feeling inside. When you are helping them form good life habits, however, rewards are not necessary.


If you believe your child may experience anxiety during their dental appointment, preparing beforehand is worthwhile. Reading books about the dentist is one option.

Children’s Dentistry Lincoln Square, like Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square, are ready to see and examine your child’s teeth.

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