Dentures in Carleton Place for a Full Smile

Are you or a loved one missing teeth and considering your options for dentures in Carleton Place? Being without some or all of your teeth can go beyond just a health problem and may make you self-conscious. From missing out on fun family gatherings and not smiling in photos with loved ones, being without all your teeth or with unhealthy teeth may take away from your enjoyment of everyday life. Dentures can help bring back that full smile.

How Dentures Can Help

Dentures in Carleton Place can not only improve how you feel about how you look but can also improve your overall health. When you are missing teeth, whether it be from tooth decay, an accident, or teeth pulling in emergencies, your bones and face structure can begin to deteriorate. The only way to slow down or stop this process is by having some kind of replacement for your teeth. Getting dentures can make you feel more like yourself with a new, bright set of teeth as well as maintain your face shape and jawbone health.

Why Dentures?

There is more than one option when it comes to replacing your teeth; however, dentures are one of the most popular choices for many reasons.

  • Significant infection or disease may have already worn down too much of the jawbone, not allowing for implants to be installed
  • Dentures are a more affordable choice
  • Comfort – some prefer dentures to having the surgery that is required of implants

Dentists such as Heritage Dental can help you decide if dentures are the right option for you.

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