Emergency Dentist Panama City Beach FL: When It Simply Cannot Wait

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have never experienced a TRUE dental emergency, consider yourself very blessed. While cavities and other dental procedures are certainly things that need done over time to ensure the health of your smile – there are some instances that require the immediate help of a dentist. If you’re reading this and you’re currently clutching your jaw in pain, we will get right to the basics of what you need to know. And if not; well, this is certainly information that could prove to be VERY helpful down the line if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation!

Dentist On Call

While not all practices offer an “on call” feature, it’s extremely common for most doctors to do so. What this means is that even if your emergency happens during a time that is not considered “office hours”, you will be able to call and speak with your dentist (or another professional at the practice) to help determine what needs to be done. An emergency dentist Panama City Beach FL practitioner will typically ask you explain exactly what is going on and to rate the pain. While it’s often hard for him or her to then determine right then and there what needs to be done, he or she may ask you to come in as soon as possible for a resolution.

Must be a True Emergency

It’s important to remember before calling an emergency dentist Panama City Beach FL practitioner that the situation occurring must be a TRUE emergency in order for the dentist to schedule you an emergency visit. If, for instance, you had a cap fall off or your bridge became loose – this may seem like a dire situation to you, but it is not considered a true “dental emergency”. On the other hand, if you have broken a tooth and you are in extreme pain, this will most likely be viewed as a true emergency and your dentist will make the proper arrangements to resolve your problem.

For the Future

If you don’t currently attend a practice that offers an emergency dentist Panama City Beach FL option, you may want to consider switching to a firm that does. While no one ever plans on things like broken teeth happening, these are often situations that we don’t see coming and sometimes cannot prevent. When it comes down to it, it’s all about being prepared. Instead of having to scramble and worry if something DOES happen, give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that you are covered regardless.

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