Family Dentistry: Focusing on Changing Needs in the Community

by | Oct 19, 2012 | Dentistry

While once-upon-a-time, a simple trip to the dentist had the potential to lead to multiple follow-up visits with other specialists; dental practices are now making a concentrated effort to provide comprehensive family dental services to patients across the country. In Mesa, Arizona, Family Dentistry Beaverton OR has taken a leap into a large pool of dental services, aimed at providing efficient, comfortable and caring dental care to residents of the Mesa and Apache Junction region of the state. The following are a few of the important services dental offices in this area are providing families with diverse backgrounds and needs.

General cleaning

Families that consist of adults and children alike are able to receive general check-ups and important cleanings that keep teeth healthy and strong well into the future. Families who take advantage of this service avoid multiple trips to a general dental practice and separate pediatric clinic that are often found in many cities.

Emergency services

While it might not be something that crosses your mind often, those who have suffered from dental emergencies understand the panic and pain that can accompany such an incident. Dental practices that offer emergency services provide patients with a much need, and comforting service that also provides for peace of mind in an unexpected situation. Additionally, it may save families precious time and dollars making a trip to the emergency room instead.

Cosmetic dentistry

For a long time, many patients felt that cosmetic dentistry was only for the rich and famous. This is just no longer the case, and dentists are commonly offering these services to patients on-site. Cosmetic dentistry can include anything from reconstructive procedures following an accident, or procedures due to personal preference such as teeth whitening, or capping.

Oral Surgery

Instead of having to schedule a separate consultation and surgery with an oral surgeon, some dental practices are now providing surgery on-site as well. These specialized services are not only convenient to patients, but come with the added benefit of patients being very familiar with the physician they’ve been seeing, and who will be performing the surgery as well. This usually earns a practice big points when it comes to superior customer service.

Preventative care

Most people understand the importance of caring for their teeth and maintain excellent dental hygiene. In response, dentists are reaching out and helping patients take steps towards preventative dental care, and even looking to help out in associated concerns such as snoring and teeth grinding. Patients who utilize these services may be able to cut down on future visits due to excellent personal care at home.

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