Peace of Mind with Sedation Dentistry St. Petersburg

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Dentist

Does just the thought of going to the dentist fill you with fear? If so, you are definitely not alone. Fear of the dentist is incredibly common, and is one of the main reasons that a lot of people don’t go anywhere near as often as they should—many adults admit to not having been to a dentist even for a routine cleaning since they were children.

The fear of pain, however, should not keep you from getting the services that you need. Oral health is critical to achieving and maintaining the health of your entire body. For many people there serious health problems actually begin because they have not taken careful enough care of their teeth and mouth.

Sedation dentistry, St. Petersburg patients will tell you, offers even the most fearful of dental patients peace of mind by offering a relaxing, painless experience. When you choose sedation dentistry you will have a mild sedation medication administered prior to your dental treatments. This will ease your anxiety and allow you to completely relax, which will help your dentist provide the treatments more easily—making the treatment faster and less difficult.

When it comes to using sedation dentistry St. Petersburg patients can choose this treatment aid for a wide array of treatments—including during routine cleaning and care procedures for those that are simply too fearful or anxious to get through a cleaning comfortably. Sedation dentistry is also a valuable tool for those patients that require more than one procedure, or a particularly complex procedure, in order to repair damage that has been done to a patient’s teeth.

Choosing to be sedated while you are getting your dental procedures done means that you do not have to be afraid of anything that is happening. You will simply relax, allowing the dentist to do her job so that the procedure can be completely effectively and as fast as possible. When the procedure is finished you will gradually come out of sedation and be ready to go home. You may even be surprised at the lack of discomfort that you feel after your procedure is completed. Often discomfort and pain following a dental procedure is caused by tension in the muscles due to anxiety. The release of this anxiety prevents this tension, and therefore, the pain.

For over 20 years Dr. Nadia O’Neal has been offering residents of the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas quality, reliable dental services that range from preventative services aimed at getting and keeping your mouth healthy to services needed to repair damage and restore the look and health of your smile. Offering sedation dentistry, emergency dental services and even cosmetic dentistry, NuSmile Dentistry is there to provide you with whatever dental services you may need.

Looking for sedation dentistry in St. Petersburg? Contact Dr. Nadia O’Neal who has been offering sedation dentistry, emergency dental services and even cosmetic dentistry services.

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