Flash Those Pearly Whites with the Help of a Family Dentist in West Creek

It is no secret that white teeth help their owners be more confident, less self conscious, succeed, and make a lasting impression on everyone they meet. The majority of adults believe unattractive smiles hinder career success while attractive ones help. Besides these career boosters, the majority of adults when surveyed also believe that attractive and bright smiles make them more appealing to their preferred gender. Long gone are the days when teeth whitening was solely for celebrities. There are affordable methods available over the counter and at the dentist’s office.

Teeth can become stained from a variety of foods and drinks like dark wines, tea, soft drinks, berries, and sweets. Acidic foods are much more likely to harm teeth because they soften the enamel and allow the staining to latch onto the surface of the teeth. Regular brushing after eating and general checkups with a family dentist in West Creek can help prevent staining. Besides food and drink, habits like smoking and chewing tobacco can harm those pearly whites as well, and much for the same reason.

When visiting a family dentist in West Creek, patients have the option of going in for general dentistry procedures like teeth cleaning and disease prevention checkups or they have the option of asking about teeth whitening. Typically, if a patient wants their teeth whitened, they will be referred to a teeth whitening dentist. This type of dentist will discuss a variety of topics with the patient including the current state of his or her teeth, the types of whitening available, and the best method for the patient. Because there are some drawbacks to whitening teeth, the patient is often encouraged to whiten his or her teeth gradually instead of moving up four shades in a single treatment.

Over the counter whitening methods can be harmful if used improperly. Under the guidance of a family dentist in West Creek, the patient’s teeth will be whitened safely and effectively. These dentists are trained in all methods of whitening and have the expertise to apply these methods correctly. There is little risk of chemical burns, soreness, burning, or damage to the teeth. Check out this form of teeth whitening during a consultation and see whether the option is right. Read more

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