What to Expect When Recovering From Having Dental Implants in Phillipsburg Installed

by | May 7, 2014 | Dentistry

Recovering from having Dental Implants in Phillipsburg installed is a process that is completed in several stages. The first stage of recovery is very short. It is only going to take a few days and you should feel well enough to return back to work. The second stage of the recovery is where the implants are going to be fused with your jawbone. Not only is this painful, but it can take several months to recover. Fortunately, the pain only lasts for a couple of days and the recovery period should have little effect on your day-to-day tasks.

Your dentist is going to place you under general or local anesthetic during the procedure. If you experience dental anxiety, your dentist might decide to use a sedative as well to help you relax during the procedure. While the anesthetic will numb your mouth, you are still going to be awake in most cases. For some people this is scary and they need the sedative to relax. It is not uncommon for someone to be relaxed enough to fall asleep during the procedure, but this does not always happen. Regardless of if you are asleep or away, you will not feel anything while the implants are being installed.

Having dental implants installed at a dental clinic such as the Teeth Whitening Centre is not something that is so painful that you are going to need to take some time off of work. In fact, most people are ready to return to work a day or two after the procedure has been completed. Your dentist will likely prescribe you something for the pain; you need to decide whether or not you are comfortable to return to work. It is normal to take a couple days off if you need them.

The first two weeks after your dental implants have been installed you need to be careful about what you eat and what you drink. You should avoid eating anything hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky. Your soft foods are going to be your best friend. You should also avoid smoking and make sure you rinse your mouth out with salt water several times a day to keep the wounds clean. You should also be doing what you can to avoid touching the area where the Dental Implants in Phillipsburg were installed.

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