Flawless Smiles for Life with a Cosmetic Dentist in Oahu

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Dentist

Elaborate aesthetic dental care is achieved with the highest degree of dexterity by a Cosmetic Dentist Oahu. The science involved in cosmetic dentistry has advanced forward greatly in recent years. Dental patients who would like to whiten a stained smile might want to consider professional whitening. During a whitening procedure, high tech equipment with UV lighting is beamed over the teeth to activate a whitening gel. The whitening gel fades stains and brightens teeth several shades up from where they were before. Teeth are returned to a natural looking whitened tone. Patients should not expose treated teeth to strong food dyes prior to the procedure. To prevent whitened enamel from slightly reverting to a faintly stained color, the Cosmetic Dentist Oahu may instruct some patients to use personal whitening strips for a week after the procedure.

Invisalign is a hassle free method for straightening teeth without adhering metal brackets and wires to them. Patients who undergo this procedure have a set of aligners specially designed for them. The set of aligners are used in subsequent timing to progressively move teeth to the desired positioning. The dentist simulates the ideal position the teeth should be in so the aligners can be designed to move them to that specified position. The fact that aligners are removable and can be cleaned outside of the mouth makes them much easier to manage than traditional braces. Visit website for more details.

When teeth are absent from the mouth, the individual with the problem can be self-conscious with difficulty speaking and chewing. A personal issue like this can be corrected with dental implants. Implants are fixed to the root under the gums to perform just as natural teeth do. People with a few lost teeth, or who have completely lost their entire set of teeth are candidates for dental implants. It delivers cosmetic benefits by restoring fullness to the face that can disappear when teeth are absent for a long period of time. A full set of implants also leaves patients with a picture perfect smile. They’re constructed of tenacious porcelain or like materials of the same quality. Dental implants are cared for the same way natural teeth are. With proper hygiene and personal care, dental implants can last for years in great condition. Book an appointment at the office of Business Name to start getting unsurpassed oral care.

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