Frequently Asked Questions About A Smile Makeover In Winchester

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Dentist

Many individuals wish their teeth were whiter, straighter and more aesthetically appealing. Dental patients who visit a dentist who can perform a smile makeover in Winchester can have their wish come true. A smile makeover consists of various cosmetic dental procedures that are performed by a dentist to enhance a patient’s teeth. If a smile makeover sounds like something you’re interested in, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that are often chosen for a smile makeover?

A.) Individuals who want to cover up chipped or stained teeth often choose to have dental veneers placed on the front surface of their teeth. Dental bonding is often used to fill in large spaces between two front teeth. For a missing tooth replacement, dentists can permanently place a dental implant in the space to replace the tooth. Individuals who have severe tooth discoloration can get whiter teeth with professional teeth whitening at a dental office.

Q.) What is the time frame to complete a smile makeover?

A.) The length of time it takes for a smile makeover depends on the different types of procedures that are performed. Some procedures, such as dental veneers, can be completed in a few dental appointments. A bonding procedure is usually completed in one dental visit. Professional tooth whitening takes less than one hour for patients to see the results. Other procedures, such as dental implants, can take several months before the treatment is complete. After an initial consultation, the dentist can give an estimated time frame for the completion of the smile makeover.

Q.) Is it very expensive to have a dentist perform a smile makeover?

A.) The cost of a smile makeover varies, and it isn’t the same for each patient. Every cosmetic dental procedure is a different price, and each patient will have different needs depending on the kind of smile makeover they desire. A dentist who can perform a smile makeover in Winchester will speak to each patient about the cost and help each one find affordable options for a beautiful smile.

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