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by | Feb 11, 2016 | Dentistry

Everyone who didn’t visit a dentist last year had a lot of company; 100 million Americans didn’t go to the dentist last year. Everyone has heard that regular dental visits are important, but it’s easy to postpone going to the dentist. Many people have questions; an experienced Dentist in Egg Harbor Township NJ would like to respond.

Why are Regular Dental Visits Important?

Both doctors and dentists are always reminding people that it’s much better to spot problems early. Treatment is simpler and less expensive. Preventive care keeps many problems from even getting a start. Dentists also look for symptoms of some non-dental issues that appear within the mouth. Oral cancer screenings are routinely performed by dentists and are critical to catching this dangerous cancer early.

What are Some of the Signs That a Dental Visit is Needed?

* You’re unhappy with your smile.

* Your teeth have become hot- or cold-sensitive.

* Gums bleed when brushing and/or flossing.

* Dental implants, dentures, crowns or fillings should be periodically checked.

* Constant bad breath or a bad taste can indicate a dental problem.

* Women should always tell their dentist if they’re pregnant. Dental treatment should be avoided during the first trimester or the last few weeks before the birth. Routine dental care should be scheduled for the second trimester.

* Any pain or swelling in the mouth, neck or face should be promptly examined, especially if it is causing difficulty with swallowing or chewing.

* Any persistent sore spots in the mouth should also be looked at right away.

* Smokers should visit the dentist regularly.

* Even if there are no symptoms of a problem, there can still be dental health issues that should be treated.

How Often Should Someone Go To the Dentist?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Going to the dentist once or twice a year is fine for some; others have a problem that requires more frequent visits.

What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Smile?

* It’s old news, but brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once are critical for fighting gum disease and preventing cavities.

* Visiting the same dentist regularly is the best way to catch dental problems early.

Dr. Glenn Prager and Dr. Todd Prager offer general and pediatric state-of-the-art dental care in their full service facility. Just click here for more info about Somers Point Dental or to request an appointment with an experienced Dentist in Egg Harbor Township NJ.

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