Getting Smile Makeovers in Camas WA with the Help of Crowns

by | May 11, 2015 | Dental Care

If you went to the dentist and they told you that you need a crown, it’s not because you’ve become a king or queen. A dental crown is used to correct various dental problems. When people speak of crowns, they tend to always associate it with royalty or a prize. But in the world of dentistry, a crown rather resembles a cap. Imagine that your tooth has a problem associated with size or shape, which has been weakened or looks bad. A dental crown is responsible for correcting that problem. As do the caps, a crown covers the visible portion of your tooth. Want to know more about Smile Makeovers in Camas WA? Continue reading.

When a dental crown is needed? It depends on the situation:

• When a tooth is weak due to decay, for example, it protects the tooth crown

• To restore a tooth that is broken or badly worn

• To cover and support a tooth that has a large filling

• To hold a dental bridge (where there is a large space between teeth)

• To cover a deformed tooth or one that has lost color

• To cover a dental implant

There are several types of crowns depending on the material they are made:

• Metal: These are usually made of gold alloy, palladium, nickel or chrome. The advantage of these crowns is that they last much longer, and the disadvantage is that their color is metallic. They are ideal for the back teeth since these are not visible when you smile.

• Resin: Also known as composite, these are much cheaper than metal. However, over time they can easily break.

• Ceramic or porcelain: The advantage here is that they are very similar to the natural color of the tooth and are ideal for people who are allergic to metals. However, they are not as strong as those that have some metal. With all that, they remain the best option for the front teeth and a great part of Smile Makeovers in Camas WA.

In addition, dental crowns can be temporary or permanent. Temporary crowns are done in the dentist’s office while permanent in a dental laboratory. Usually, temporary crowns are put in place while the permanent one is manufactured by the laboratory. If you have any doubts consult your dentist or call Lewis Family Dentistry.

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