Gum Contouring Treatment in Cosmetic Dentistry at Bristol, CT

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes the gums around your teeth could become uneven. This is often the case if you have gums that are high or low around your teeth. It is a condition that could either make your smile look unusual or cause the root structures of your teeth to be at risk of showing. You’ll have to get help with a gum contouring procedure if you want to keep your teeth healthy. A provider of cosmetic dentistry in Bristol CT can assist you with the process.

Many people find that this kind of treatment is not necessary. After all, it is a treatment that is used with cosmetic purposes in mind to keep the teeth looking a little better. However, this treatment could be used to help handle several important things that your teeth could take advantage of. These include such points for dental care as:

* Keeping your teeth protected from gum loss
* Allowing most parts of the teeth to be a little more visible for dental treatments
* Making it easier for crowns to be applied as needed
* When preparing for pocket reduction

How is the Procedure Handled?
This process is handled by your provider of cosmetic dentistry in Bristol CT using a local anesthetic to numb your teeth. This is often required because some bone parts around the roots of the teeth might have to be removed. A dentist does this to make the area a little easier to access so the process can be taken care of faster.

The dentist can then remove gums that have to be taken out in the event that the gums are covering your teeth. In other cases the dentist is responsible for handling different parts of the gums by removing some tissues from different spots and moving them over the gums that are bare. This is done to protect the gums to keep them healthy and covered the right way.

After the Treatment
Your dentist can ask you to take it easy with your teeth for a few days. This includes avoiding anything that is too hot or hard. You may also have to use a pain reliever that you could easily find at a local drugstore. No matter what you have to do, you do need to watch for a couple of important considerations:

* Don’t use aspirin to control your pain; this could promote bleeding
* Be aware of any cases where the gums start to swell up; you’ll have to contact your dentist as soon as possible if this does happen
* Avoid anything that has points around it until your dentist says that you are fine for doing so.

You should be aware of how gum contouring could be used when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Bristol CT. This procedure can be used to protect your teeth and to keep your gums under control with the right amount of contouring. This is done to make your teeth look a little more appealing and interesting without worrying about gums being in the way or your teeth roots being at risk of exposure.

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