Having Oral Surgery in Bayville, NJ to Extract Wisdom Teeth

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Dental Surgery

Although a dentist can perform simple extractions when necessary, multiple extractions will need to be done as a surgical procedure. For procedures such as this, an oral surgeon is required. Anesthesia may be necessary for patients with a low pain tolerance when they are getting bridgework or dentures. In addition, some procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction, will require more complex surgery to be done.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Even though they may appear healthy on x-rays, most wisdom teeth need to be extracted because there is not enough room in the jaw for them to erupt, or they grow in at an angle. Some wisdom can grow in sideways because they are so impacted by teeth already in the mouth. Removing impacted wisdom teeth, which are teeth simply blocked by others, requires having oral surgery in Bayville, NJ.

Wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as possible because they can cause serious dental complications if left untreated. Wisdom teeth can be very painful, but if they become infected or develop tumors or cysts around them, then the pain is even worse. Once wisdom teeth have been found, oral surgery should be scheduled as soon as possible in order to have them removed.

Where It’s Done

Oral surgery usually takes place in an oral surgeon’s clinic. The clinic is set up for minor surgeries with an operating area and a recovery area, in case it is needed. In some cases, the patient may need to check into a hospital to have the surgery done, depending on how many teeth are going to be removed and how deep they are within the jaw.

Wisdom tooth extraction is normally a simple oral surgery, and the recovery only takes a day or two. If you’re having tooth pain, swelling or bleeding gums and you notice swelling around the jaw, you may have impacted wisdom teeth. Click here to learn more and to make an appointment with a dentist to find out whether your pain is due to your wisdom teeth.

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