Facts about Laser Surgery in Commack NY

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Dental Surgery

Like all fields of medicine, dentistry is always evolving. Modern dentistry has pain reduction and patient comfort as a priority for all treatments. Laser Surgery in Commack NY is one of the most significant advances in recent years, precisely because it enables comfortable and painless treatments. Laser dentistry eliminates the need to use the traditional metal tools and replaces it with a high-energy laser that can create light. Moreover, the laser can be used for different purposes, allowing use in many dental treatments. Here are some of the main benefits:

     *     Lasers vs. Metal: Metal makes a lot of noise and vibration in the teeth and jaw. These vibrations can cause pain and discomfort. Lasers, however, are silent and do not create vibration, resulting in less pain.

     *     Faster recovery: Lasers sterilize the treated area, causing less bleeding and swelling and reduces patient trauma.

     *     Precise tools: This is a very precise tool that is designed to remove less tooth portion during the treatment of cavities, helping to maintain the hardness of teeth.

     *     Fewer injections are required with this treatment: Laser Surgery in Commack NY does not cause pain in the teeth, so it is not necessary to use local anesthesia administered by injections.

     *     Reduce anxiety: Some patients may have anxiety when they hear noise and feel vibrations related to dental lathes, which is avoided with lasers.

What ailments can be treated with laser dentistry? The lasers used in dentistry have many other objectives beyond replacing metal dental lathes. These are some of the treatments that can be done with the laser:

     *     Treatment of dental decay: Used to remove tooth decay.

     *     Harden composite fillings: Accelerating the process.

     *     Treating periodontal disease: They can kill bacteria and reform damaged gums.

     *     Injuries and eliminate biopsies: This can cause less swelling and bleeding than more traditional methods.

     *     Accelerate teeth whitening: Activates bleaching agents, which provides more powerful treatments.

     *     Oral Surgery treatments used in implants and periodontal surgery.

To take advantage of the many advantages of laser dentistry, the professional must base each case on the knowledge of a number of physical and biological processes that depend on different factors. Actually, each type of laser has different implications and, accordingly, its application in each patient should be assessed. Contact Michael Kampourakis DDS to learn more.

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