Helpful Information About Dental Implants in Long Island

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Dental

Loss of teeth can cause a person to have diminished self-confidence and an unwillingness to smile. It can also cause eating and speaking problems. When a dental patient has one or more missing teeth, dental implants in Long Island may be a viable solution. Learning more about these dental prostheses will enable a person to communicate better with her dentist and make a well-informed decision about her oral health.

A dental implant is a surgical component that is installed into the place where a natural tooth root once was. It’s attached to an abutment above it. The abutment then attaches to an overlying restorative device. A single restorative device is a crown. When multiple Dental implants in Long Island are used together, the restorative device is a bridge or denture. A dental implant is typically thought of as all three components. However, when talking to a dentist, a person should remember that all three are separate elements.

A dental implant needs support to stay upright and help the overlying restorative device function as a replacement tooth. For this to happen, certain processes must take place when the dental implant is inserted into a person’s jawbone. It’s hoped that the surrounding bone tissue will fuse to the dental implant like it is normal bone tissue. This is called osseointegration. However, when this fails to occur, the bones can start to move away from the dental implant. This can result in the dental implant loosening and even falling out.

Most dentists will perform certain tests to see if their patients meet the qualifications to get dental implants. A dentist will usually perform a comprehensive examination of a patient’s mouth and areas surrounding the amount. A bone density test may be done to see whether a person has enough bone volume for the dental implant to withstand the force of chewing. X-rays and other clinical tests may be ordered for a dentist to view the internal parts of a peron’s mouth. For more information on dental implants or other dental services, a person can talk to a professional such as Jay B. Lubliner, DMD, PLLC. This dentist can handle numerous procedures to help patients beautify their smiles.

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