Sedation Dentistry While Seeing a Restorative Dentist

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Dental Care

Afraid of the Restorative Dentist? Do you suffer from a dental phobia? If the answer is yes, know there is a wide variety of techniques developed for patients with dental fear. Remember this is one of the most common and widespread phobias in society, so it is not surprising dentists have different techniques to fight this irrational fear. Conscious sedation in dentistry, which is considered one of the most effective and recommended methods for all those who have dental phobia is now available here in New York.

What is conscious sedation? There are many people who ask about conscious sedation, also known as assisted sedation, and the truth is not surprising when one considers the benefits it offers a patient. The first thing to know about this technique is that it is administered either by mouth or intravenously, in order to get the patient to relax as well as providing a sense of comfort and pleasure. Similarly, another important advantage offered by assisted sedation is increased pain tolerance during any dental session.

When a Restorative Dentist continues to talk with you about the specifics of assisted sedation, they may say there are no side effects of this practice. In addition to this, there are no contraindications of any kind and almost all patients can undergo this technique. It is true patients can resume their normal activities soon after leaving the dentist, such as attending an event with a relative or friend. However, it is important to remember a patient who undergoes sedation dentistry cannot drive or perform various tasks during a certain post-intervention period. Nonetheless, those who are interested in undergoing surgery must first discuss the particulars with the specialist before moving forward.

Assisted sedation is compatible with any dentistry procedure. However, it is typically recommended for long, complex and cumbersome processes such as the insertion of dental implants. Furthermore, if the necessary placing of several implants in a single session is advised, this form of sedation allows the specialist to work better, and this will be reflected by increasing the possibility of a successful intervention. Contact Business Name to learn more.

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