How a Torrance Dentist Treats Gum Disease

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Dentist

Periodontal care becomes important as you age. Starting at the age of 30, the threat of gum disease becomes real for many people. Gum disease is not something many people even realize they have until it is too late. This is why it is important to find the right Torrance dentist and to keep your dental appointments every six months. Preventive dental care can keep gum disease at bay, but even if you find yourself suffering from gum disease, you have several options to cure it.


If you are diagnosed with gum disease, your Torrance dentist will inform you of the steps you will have to take. Most often, patients have to undergo a deep cleaning, which is a more in-depth cleaning than the general cleaning you undergo every six months. This cleaning includes root planing and scaling. This is done to remove the bacteria that have reached all the way down to the roots of your teeth, beneath your gums. Most likely, there are bacteria that are hiding in the pockets of your gums that need to be removed to prevent further damage to your oral and overall health. You might also have to have an antibiotic administered by your dentist to ensure all bacteria is removed from your mouth. If there is a significant amount of bone loss, you might have to undergo bone graft surgery as well.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Some patients might be a candidate for Arestin therapy. This non-surgical procedure is an antimicrobial agent that is placed in the pockets of your gum once your Torrance dentists cleans the pockets. The powder hardens over a certain period of time, consistently delivering antibiotic to the pockets, furthering the disappearance of the bacteria that is present in your gums.

Gum Disease Prevention

The most important method of prevention of gum disease is proper brushing and flossing methods. This should be done at a minimum of twice a day to rid your mouth of any left over food particles that can cause the bacteria to begin to grow in your mouth. In addition to brushing and flossing, it is important to use a mouthwash that can kill any left over bacteria in your mouth. Keeping your preventive dental appointments is also essential. Your Torrance dentist can perform necessary cleaning on your teeth to rid your mouth of plaque and bacteria you cannot reach. He can also monitor your mouth for any early signs of gum disease.

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