How Effective and Safe are Products for Teeth Whitening in Sayreville

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Dental Care

For the past 20 years, the demand and development of products for Teeth Whitening in Sayreville have grown by significant amounts. There are two basic ways that a tooth whitening product work. This first is that a bleach product is placed on the tooth, which will change the actual color of the tooth. The bleaching products contain a type of peroxide that will help to remove the deeper stains, as well as the surface stains. There are also products that do not contain bleach, and that work through a chemical action that will help to remove any surface stains that are present.

The teeth whitening products are able to be applied by a dentist in a professional setting, giving to you to use at home from your dentist or purchased as an over-the-counter product. Each of these products will fall into one of two categories: whitening toothpastes or peroxide containing agents with bleach.

Peroxide Bleaching Agents

The most common element that is used in the bleaching products is carbamide peroxide, which will break down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. When this product is used, there are often side effects that include irritation of the soft gum tissue and tooth sensitivity. In most cases both of these side effects are temporary and will cease when the treatment is complete.

Over the Counter Products

There are a vast number of different over the counter products that are available to purchase for at home whitening. These products include whitening strips, paint on products and trays. The strength and effectiveness of each product will vary greatly, depending on the chemical makeup that they include.

Professional Bleaching from Your General Dentist

There are a number of different products that your dentist can use in the office for immediate whitening results. These products are applied in a professional and safe setting, insure minimal side effects. Your dentist will typically apply some type of lip and gum protectant prior to applying the whitening agent to ensure that no discomfort is experienced.

White and bright teeth are perceived as a sign of health and youth, which is part of the reason that the procedures and products have become so popular in recent years. For more information Read more.

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