How To Find A Good Cosmetic Dentist In Phoenix

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry has become such a common term and type of dental practice in today’s society compared to a generation ago. While it is true the there is a high focus on the superficial appearance of one’s smile and teeth, a good cosmetic dentist in Phoenix is concerned with far more that simply looks. Most cosmetic dental procedures have benefits associated with the overall health of your teeth, gums or jaw and, as such, are sometimes even covered by dental insurance policies. It is worth clearly understanding the nature of the procedure that is being recommended to you and what problem or issue it is addressing. That is one of the key ways you can identify the right dental provider for you.

It is normal for anyone to want to look their best and take care and pride in a good, basic overall appearance. However, most people do not opt for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in dental work simply for the purpose of better looks, except in the case of a gross disfiguration either as a result of an accident or some form of defect. If your dentist is suggesting a large amount of work that appears to have no true medical or dental value when you are experiencing no problems, you should consider a second opinion. A reputable cosmetic dentist in Phoenix will only recommend cosmetic services if they also address another problem or if at your request or if relatively minor. Examples include braces or Invisalign to address a jaw alignment problem. If left uncorrected, over time the jaw can lock and cause great pain and other complications. Tooth whitening is primarily cosmetic in nature and is probably the cosmetic service most commonly requested by patients directly but is also relatively inexpensive and pain or hassle free.

Another measure of a good cosmetic dentist in Phoenix is his or her ability to take your feedback. As the patient, you have the ultimate say in what procedures you agree to and which you decline. If you do not believe that you need braces simply to correct a slight overbite when you are having no other problems, it is well within your rights to opt against having the work done. A good dentist will listen to you and abide by your wishes in the end, while still maintaining his or her professional obligation to inform you of options for treatment, be they necessary or strictly cosmetic.

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