Implant a fresh smile on your face!

by | Apr 20, 2012 | Dental Implants

Living life with a severely malformed set of teeth is extremely dangerous as it sometimes limits your ability to practice the best oral and dental hygiene.   However, while this situation can greatly contribute to other illnesses, the primary problem that people with a bad set of teeth face is one of lack of confidence.  Today, with access to revolutionary technologies for dental implants in Leesburg  you can set out of the road to repairing your teeth and implanting a brand new smile on your face.

Most respectable dental practices offering dental implants in Leesburg  work with their patients to conveniently schedule the procedure over multiple sessions. Using the most modern techniques available, and with no invasive surgery, the surgeon can fit you with a set of customized implants that could easily be mistaken for your original set of teeth. And this technology works for single and multiple, upper or lower teeth.

The ideal dental practice to go to for your dental implants in Leesburg  should be able to offer a full set of related services, including bridges, Veneers and teeth whitening, in addition to a variety of implant options. Working with a full service dental practice gives you the assurance that the staff and surgeon are well versed with their trade. A dental practice that has associations with other surgeons that can offer value added services, such as bone augmentation /preservation and regular dentoalveolar surgery should be preferred.

When you go for your dental implants in Leesburg  ideally you would like for the entire procedure to be performed at a single location, without you having to travel to multiple clinics and laboratories to get some aspects of the treatment completed. Look for a dental clinic that can assure you of this, and make sure they have a fully equipped state-of-the-art lab in house so you can get one-roof service.

Make sure you discuss the proposed procedures in detail with the surgeon performing your dental implants in Leesburg. Ideally, the technique should involve a limited number of incisions, and should cause little bleeding, swelling or trauma to your mouth and gums. A dental surgeon who is familiar with a variety of procedures, such as laser technologies, Nobel guide 3-D planning systems, Simplant and  “All on Four”  concepts would be ideal to handle your case.

Before making the final decision to opt for dental implants in Leesburg  you should question your surgeon about other options that could potentially work for you. Procedures that are less intrusive, such as dentures and bridges need to be discussed so that you can make a well informed decision to proceed.

A word of caution though. If you suffer from conditions such as Osteoporosis, make sure you mention that to the specialist performing your dental implants in Leesburg. Conditions such as these could hinder recovery from surgery or might rule out implants altogether as an option for you.



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