Invisalign Shapes Smiles And Attitudes

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Dental

Quite often, when we hear the words “braces” or “teeth straightening” we think of thick metal bands on each tooth of a freckle faced kid. For some of us there is an accompanying shiver as we flash back to playground taunts of “tinsel teeth” and “brace face.” Fortunately, these images reside only in the past where they belong.

From a practical standpoint, procedures in re-aligning teeth have made leaps and bounds over the years. The application of these thick metal bands attached to each tooth followed by painful and frequent return tightening visits to the orthodontist are a thing of the past. The Invisalign Frisco process has changed this negative experience. The Invisalign method involves a series of clear plastic “trays” that gradually bring teeth into proper alignment with no metal, no rubber bands and no headgear. Office visits are less frequent and minimize discomfort.

For children requiring teeth alignment, the trays are virtually invisible. The difference in a child’s emotional development between metal smiles with popping rubber bands to Invisalign’s clear, removable trays cannot be underestimated. Children who’ve declined participation in school dramatic performances feel free to do so without embarrassment. These trays can be removed, within the prescribed wearing schedule from the orthodontist, for photographs and school presentations.

Adults who may not have had the opportunity for braces in their youth embrace Invisalign Frisco. In business situations, first impressions are vitally important. Invisalign treatment’s removable nature is an immediate confidence booster. The treatment plan itself is a much shorter process than metal braces and involves fewer office visits. Obtaining a dazzling smile is within easy reach.

An initial visit for a consultation can be scheduled online to begin this rewarding journey. The caring team will answer all financing and insurance options questions. Contact Lone Star Dental Care.

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