Myths about a Root Canal in Lincolnwood IL

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Dentistry

There are many misconceptions about root canal treatments. As always, when considering any medical procedure, you should get as much information as possible so that all treatment options are known. Your dentist can answer many of your questions, and if you have problems, there are solutions available. Below are some common myths about root canal in Lincolnwood IL treatments.

Myth -; Root canal treatment is painful

Truth -; The truth is that root canal treatments are not painful. Conversely, the procedure releases the individual from painful sensations. Most patients go to the dentist when they already have a severe toothache. The toothache is usually caused by pulp inflammation or infection. The root canal removes inflammation, thereby facilitating and eliminating the pain you felt before.

Myth -; A great alternative to root canals would be to remove the tooth

Truth -; Actually, dentists will tell each patient that preserving the natural teeth is very important. There is nothing that can replace a natural tooth. There are many effective methods to replace teeth, so your dentist may give you plenty of treatment options. However, saving your teeth is important, especially in terms of health and hygiene.
Myth -; Pregnant women cannot have root canals performed

Truth -; There are only a few contraindications as to why a person cannot have a root canal procedure done and this isn’t one of them. Even though it requires X-rays and other testing, the dentist and staff ensures every patient is well protected. In fact, the technology used today does not allow for any harmful rays to reach the baby. In any case, it is best that you speak with your dentist first if you are with child.

Myth -; If the tooth doesn’t hurt, then there is no need for a root canal

Truth -; Just because your tooth isn’t pulsating out of your mouth doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge issue. Symptoms do not have to be present for you to need a root canal in Lincolnwood IL. In some cases, a tooth may show no signs or symptoms for months. However, significant damage is done by then and the tooth may need to be removed.

If you are experiencing any kind of dental pain it is important that you seek help from Dr. Saul Legator DDS or your nearest dental clinic. Waiting could mean the problems worsen and that only exacerbates things.

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