Procedures Offered By Cosmetic Dentists in Orting WA

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Cosmetic Dentistry

If smiling is not something you do too often because you are self conscious of your teeth, you should talk to a cosmetic dentist to find out what they can do for you. Cosmetic dentists in Orting WA can improve the appearance of your teeth. There are several procedures that can be done to correct severely crooked, stained, chipped and even missing teeth. You do not have to go through life hiding your smile because you are afraid someone will see your teeth. There are dentists that can give you the teeth you have dreamed of.

If you just have discolored teeth, a cosmetic dentist can help them look white again. Teeth whitening has grown in popularity over the years because people know that a white smile is a sign of healthy teeth. Teeth can become easily stained by drinking coffee or tea or even taking certain medications. And if you are not able to brush your teeth after every meal, the food can sit on your teeth staining the enamel. Even though there are several at home methods you can use to whiten your teeth, many people choose to have the procedure done by cosmetic dentists in Orting WA. This is to ensure the best results possible. Some dentist may have different ways of whitening your teeth but the most common way is for the dentist to use a tray filled with whitening gel. The tray goes into your mouth and a light will be placed over your mouth to help increase the effectiveness of the gel and speed up the whitening process. After a short period of time, your teeth will be up to several shades whiter than they were when you went in for the procedure. You will leave the dentist office with a new found confidence.

If chips and cracks in your teeth is a problem, veneers may be the solution for you. Veneers are used by most cosmetic dentists in Orting WA to help improve the appearance of chipped teeth. They can also help close gaps in your teeth or fixed teeth that are cracked. The porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth giving you the appearance of brand new teeth. The procedure can be pricey so talk to your dentist about payment plans or whether or not your insurance can help cover the procedure.

There are many cosmetic procedures that can be done to correct imperfect teeth. You do not have to go one more day with a smile that you are afraid to show. Do some research online, talk to your dentist or schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to find out what can be done to improve your teeth.

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