Professional Periodontal Dentist in Oak Brook, IL – The Benefits of Periodontal Care

Periodontal treatments are some of the most common services needed by people looking for a dentist in Oak Brook, IL. The severity of periodontal infections can vary, and dentists often have to decide whether or not surgical treatment is needed.

While surgery is not very attractive, it is sometimes necessary to avoid further complications and the development of severe periodontal disease.

The Advantages of a Periodontal Treatment

Even those who visited a highly experienced dentist in Oak Brook, IL have stated that they were nervous when receiving their periodontal diagnosis for fear that surgery may be necessary. Surgery is not necessary most of the time, and periodontal care can come with many great benefits when you visit an experienced professional in Oak Brook, IL:

* The dentist can effectively eliminate or control your infection, reducing the negative symptoms to a minimum or making them disappear entirely.

*You may be able to re-grow the destroyed bone tissue after the treatment.

* Your teeth will be easier to clean and you can retain your smile.

* Getting rid of your periodontal infection can improve your health and reduce your chance of contracting various conditions, such as diabetes or cancer.

Types of Treatments

When you visit a professional dentist in Oak Brook, IL, they will put you through a detailed periodontal exam in order to determine the severity of your case. This is the first step towards healing, as the practitioner will then be able to decide upon a treatment for your condition.

If the infection is mild (gingivitis or mild periodontal disease), the dentist will recommend non-surgical scaling and root planting, along with an improvement in oral hygiene. In the case of moderate or severe periodontal disease, surgery will be necessary. When surgery is needed, three options are available: osseous surgery, guided tissue regeneration, and LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure).

The idea that treatment for periodontal care will always result in surgery is simply not true. Mild cases of gingivitis can easily be controlled through non-surgical procedures.

Experienced dentists in Oak Brook, IL are some of the best in the region. They are experts in various periodontal treatments, and their years of experience combined with the continual advancements in modern technology offer you the best chance to keep your natural teeth and smile.

Dentist in Oak Brook, ILDominik Dubravec, DDS, MMSc, PC is a dental clinic where the dentists truly care about their patients. If you are looking for a periodontal dentist in Oak Brook, IL, consider visiting them.

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