Reasons to See a General Dentist in Skokie

People who take their dental health seriously make the time to see a general dentist in Skokie at least once a year. Along with an annual exam, there are other times when scheduling an appointment is in the best interests of the patient. Here are a few of the other reasons to pick up the phone and set a date and time to see the dental professional.

Sensitive Teeth

Lately, it seems as if exposure to hot or iced beverages causes the teeth to hurt. Since this was not the case in the past, something has changed. The only way to know for sure is to call a general dentist in Skokie and go in for an exam. The issue could be that the enamel is beginning to wear a little thing. At this point, the dentist may recommend changing to a toothpaste that helps to provide some protection, and making sure to brush soon after consuming any type of acidic food or beverage.

A Loose Tooth

During a friendly football game this past weekend, the individual sustained a direct hit to the mouth. While there was no bleeding, a couple of teeth seem a little loose. As a precaution, having the dentist take a look is a good idea. There may be the need to stabilize the teeth for a time, allowing them the opportunity to settle back into place.

Teeth Cleaning

Even people who brush after every meal and use floss several times a week can benefit from teeth cleaning. Going twice a year is not too much. The cleaning will get rid of any residue left by the brushing and flossing. As a result, the potential to develop several problems with the gums and the teeth are kept to a minimum.

For anyone who has not seen a dentist in some time, today is the day to make an appointment. Starting with a thorough examination, the team at Chicago Dental Arts will help the patient decide what sort of work is needed, and when it can be done. With a little time and patience, it is possible to get back on track and improve the odds of keeping the teeth well into the retirement years.

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