Signs a Root Canal in Chicago is Necessary

by | May 25, 2020 | Dentist

Many people experiencing dental problems may require a Root Canal in Chicago, as a solution. Only a dentist can assess whether a person needs this procedure. The patient can monitor the symptoms, however, the dentist may suggest that a root canal could be in order. Teeth are filled with pulp, which contains nerves and provides the teeth with nutrients. Pulp tissue may be injured or sick, which can eventually lead to the death of the tooth. Pulp death can lead to infection which, if untreated, can lead to a loss of the tooth. To save the tooth, the dentist can remove the pulp, clean the canal, and put a cap on the tooth for added protection and strength.

Pain is the first indicator that a person might need a root canal in Chicago. If they have persistent pain in or around a tooth, he or she should contact their dentist. Tenderness and swelling with pain could also point to a problem. Another sign that a root canal may be necessary is the presence of a button-like growth on your gum. People may also notice a bad taste in the mouth. This is because the pulp is there to serve as a drain and release the infection inside the tooth.

If you suffer some type of injury to the mouth and teeth, you may need a root canal in the future. Tooth damage, using some sort of trauma, can lead to cavities. If one injures their teeth, his or her dentist can monitor the possibility of additional damage through regular checkups. If a person experiences one or more of these symptoms, they should see their dentist for diagnosis, treatment, and dental radiographs. If x-rays show a dark spot at the origin of one of the teeth, it can be a sign of decay. At this point, it is necessary to discuss the further evaluation and possible Root Canal in Chicago, with your dentist. Contact South Loop Dental Specialists today to schedule a consultation. We’ll be able to discuss your options and the best steps to take to save your tooth.

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