Reasons to Seriously Consider a Tooth Implant in Jackson, MI

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Dentist

An accident created so much damage to a tooth that it was necessary to remove what remained. Since attempting to repair the tooth was not an option, the patient now has the decision to make. Would it be best to ignore the situation and adjust to life without the tooth, or consider some sort of implant? Here are some of the reasons why going with a Tooth Implant in Jackson MI, makes sense.

Remembering the Accident

Choosing to not have a Tooth Implant in Jackson MI, may be practical, especially if the missing tooth is not easy to see when the patient smiles. While the gap may be toward the back and is rarely noticed by others, the patient will always know it is there. Every time the tongue runs over the gap, memories of the accident will return. Depending on the amount of trauma involved with the event, remembering can be an ongoing source of emotional pain for the patient. In this instance, arranging for an implant will mean something is in the gap, and it will be easier to put the accident in the past where it belongs.

Restoring the Smile

Perhaps the lost tooth is closer to the front. That means every time the patient smiles or opens the mouth; the gap is visible. This is likely to make the patient more self-conscious in social situations. Rather than having to hold back or feel as if it is necessary to place a napkin over the mouth to speak, it makes sense to arrange for an implant. A dental professional can make sure the device matches the look of the surrounding teeth, so no one has to know the gap is filled with a false tooth. Once it is in place, it will be easy to relax, enjoy being around others, and not hesitate to laugh or smile.

To learn more about the options with tooth implants, read the full info here and then arrange for a dental examination. After checking the gap and assessing the health of the gum and tissue, it will be easy to settle on the specific course of action. In less time than the patient thought possible, the implant will be in place, and things can get back to normal.

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