Restore What Was Lost With Implant Dentistry Services in Plano TX

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Dental Care

When an individual has a damaged or missing a tooth, it may make it difficult to eat. It may also make the person feel self-conscious if the bad tooth can be easily seen. Implant dentistry services in Plano TX offers a solution that replaces an unusable tooth. Implants are permanent, and once in place, they look and act just like a person’s natural teeth. No one will ever know that an implant is a part of that beautiful smile.

About Implants

A dental implant provides a new artificial root when a tooth is missing. It is usually made from titanium which is durable and long-lasting. The process begins by removing the damaged tooth if any of it is still in place. When the area has healed from the removal, a screw-like rod (the implant) is surgically inserted into the space left by the natural tooth. A healing period is then required to allow the titanium rod to fuse to the individual’s jawbone. As the bone and rod bond together, the rod gains strength and becomes a permanent part of the jawbone. This fusing process is required for the force that is needed for eating, so it cannot be rushed. The final step is placing a crown on the rod which then becomes the new tooth.

Multiple Implants

In cases where several teeth are missing, an implant will be placed at either end and a bridge or denture will be attached to the implants to provide a section of new teeth. The process is the same as doing a single implant, however, in most instances, the space between 2 implants on either end will be filled in with a dental bridge or a denture. It is possible to do each space with an implant, but it can be very expensive to do so.

Implant dentistry services in Plano TX can turn a faulty smile into one that’s beautiful and functional again. Innate Dental Solutions has years of experience helping patients to regain the use of their teeth through implant surgery. Using only the latest in innovative technology, this dental staff is helping patients to feel confident and happy one mouth at a time.

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