Benefits of Composite Fillings Macon, GA

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Dental Fillings

Most patients may not be very fond of dental fillings. However, in some cases, dental fillings are necessary to preserve the health of your teeth and keep small dental problems from becoming serious issues. It is imperative to visit dentists that offer Composite Fillings, which are considered safe and reliable. Once the dentist realizes that you have a cavity that can be restored with a filling, the decayed parts of the tooth are removed and restored with a suitable filling. Usually, composite fillings Macon, GA have a blend of benefits to the patients;

1. For many years, many dentists had been making use of dental amalgam when filling the teeth of patients. Basically, amalgam is an alloy that is created by combining elemental mercury, silver, tin and copper. This alloy was commonly used in the past to fill dental cavities. Over the recent years however, there has been a lot of concern on the safety of mercury. Mercury is considered toxic; why should a toxic substance then be used in filling teeth? This is where the Composite Fillings come in.

2. Usually, Composite Fillings cause less sensitivity to cold temperatures in foods and drinks. Usually, these fillings have a similar flexibility to the tooth structure whereas amalgam is more rigid than the tooth structure since it is made of metal. Using amalgam to fill teeth may make the teeth more vulnerable to breaking. On the other hand, Composite Fillings help to restore the tooth’s natural strength because the filling material bonds with the tooth.

3. Instead of weakening the tooth, the Composite Fillings Macon, GA gives the teeth more strength. This will play a major role in preventing breaks or chips that may occur on your teeth. Though the amalgam fillings may be still common, many people are uncomfortable with this material in their mouth. For such people, mercury free/composite fillings may be the best option that is not only safe but also reliable.

4. One of the main reasons why many people may prefer to go for Composite Fillings Macon, GA is the fact that they will keep your smile as natural as possible. Amalgam fillings are often very distinctive since they have a silver color. These amalgams can be very noticeable while laughing or smiling especially if the teeth that have been filled are in front of the mouth. With the composite fillings however, people may hardly notice that you ever had cavities. Your teeth will look as natural as possible even after being filled.

5. Although amalgam fillings have been in use for many years, they are slowly giving way to the much healthier and attractive composite fillings. The composite fillings are very effective and they are also very natural in appearance. Browse the site for more details.

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