Risks and Complications of Going to an Implant Dentist in Shorewood, WI

Many people, for various reasons, will lose their natural teeth. In this case, an Implant Dentist in Shorewood WI may choose to go with dental implants over other types of procedures. The essence of this dental method is to ensure that the jawbone is introduced to titanium elements. Afterwards, a crown is mounted on the upper part of the artificial tooth. Implants are more comfortable when compared with other types of prosthetics, so they are becoming increasingly popular.

Modern medicine has reached a very high success rate for dental implants, according to statistics. In fact, complications of dental implants occur in less than 5% of cases, however, the possibility of risks and complications cannot be completely ruled out. Before implantation, you need to know about the possible risks and complications of dental implants. The most common complication of dental implants is infection and inflammation. The cause of the infection may be improper sterilization of medical instruments or infection of the gums, nose or throat during surgery. In the event of such infectious complications, the Implant Dentist in Shorewood WI may prescribe additional antibiotics.

There is also the risk of incorrect installation, maybe as a result of the installation in thin or soft bone. The implant may not be rigidly fixed and has micro-mobility. In the future, the implant loosens, and with it all the consequences that go with it. In many models, the upper part of the artificial tooth is connected to the implant with a bolt. Often, as a result of poor design, size or shape, the bolt breaks.

In the jaws are nerves and nerve endings. During implantation the nerve can be damaged, and the result will be numbness of the tongue, lips or chin. Some people may experience complications associated with the use of anesthetics. Using substandard materials can also lead to complications as well.

You should know that there are diseases in which the risks and complications are significantly increased. Bone disease (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis), diabetes, immunodeficiency issues, etc., are just a few of the issues that an Implant Dentist in Shorewood WI has to worry about. In general, people with weakened immune systems are not great candidates for implantation. Smoking also increases the risk of complications in dental implants.

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