What to Expect When Getting a Cavity Filled by a Dentist in Appleton

Getting a cavity filled is one of the main reasons people visit a dentist in Appleton. Cavities are holes that form in teeth because of excessive decay and bacteria. While poor dental hygiene may lead to a cavity, sometimes they are caused by weak enamel that is often genetic. Most people will have at least one cavity in their life. A dental filling stops the growth of a cavity, and it is a quick and painless procedure.

A dental filling begins by cleaning and prepping the mouth. Your dentist will make sure the entire area is completely numb. He will use injections containing a localized anesthetic to deaden the gum tissue around the tooth. Don’t worry, a special gel will be applied to the gum-line before you receive a shot, to make sure you can’t feel the needle. Once you can’t feel anything, the dentist will begin to work on the tooth.

Before the filling can be placed, the dentist needs to completely remove any decay. This in an important step because if any decay is left behind, the cavity will still grow underneath the filling. A dental drill is used to remove all of the decayed tooth material. It also serves to shape the hole for a filling. After the decay is cleaned out, a special dental material is used to fill it. Depending on the size of the cavity and the location of the tooth, the dentist will either use a silver amalgam filling or a tooth-colored composite filling. Amalgam fillings are very durable, and they work best on large cavities and those located on biting surfaces. Composite fillings have a better cosmetic appearance, so they are best suited for front teeth.

Someone who has never experienced a cavity may feel a little anxious before their appointment. Be sure to explain any apprehension to your dentist beforehand. If your nerves are especially bad, they may prescribe a sedative to help put you at ease. Most patients do not feel a thing during the procedure. Getting a cavity filled is the best way to stop dental decay. Large cavities may eventually damage the tooth nerve and jeopardize the overall health of surrounding teeth. By visiting a dentist in Appleton twice a year for a checkup, cavities can be caught when they are still small and easy to treat.

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