Should You Have a Teeth Whitening Service in Daytona Wyomissing PA?

Taking care of your teeth through brushing and flossing helps to keep them healthy and looking their best. Though you do all you can to protect your teeth and keep them clean, the foods you eat, beverages you drink and habits you have can cause your teeth to become stained. When you have stained, yellowed and dull-looking teeth, you do not feel confident in your smile. Many people with stained teeth try to avoid social situations, where they will be required to eat, smile and talk in front of others. If you are tired of your stained teeth, there is help available. Through the Teeth Whitening Service in Daytona Wyomissing PA, your teeth can be whitened and look better than you ever imagined was possible.

What Results Can You Expect From the Teeth Whitening Service in Daytona Wyomissing PA?

There are three different types of whitening procedures your dentist can carry out on your teeth. Each one offers their own type of whitening experience and will be used, depending on your whitening needs.

  • Traditional whitening is used for people with minor staining. This type of treatment is perfect for people who want their yellowing and staining gone and want their teeth returned to their natural level of whiteness. This treatment can be carried out on the teeth in several different sessions, until you are happy with your results.
  • Bleaching is a stronger whitening treatment. Just like it says, bleaching bleaches your teeth beyond their natural level of whiteness. Using laser lighting and a bleaching solution, your teeth can become extremely white. This is the type of treatment celebrities have done to give them blindingly white teeth.
  • Bonding is a special whitening procedure used for those who cannot achieve white teeth through other methods. If you have severe staining that will not respond to bleaching or you have minor damage, bonding can cover your teeth with a special dental compound, so your teeth are covered in a white tooth-like material. Visit Angstadt Family Dental for more details.
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