What Do Dental Practice Brokers In California Do?

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Dentist

In California, dental practices are sold when a dental professional is relocating or retiring. The opportunities make it possible for new professionals or partners to establish themselves in a new area. When approaching the commercial real estate transaction, the dental professionals need the assistance of a broker. Local dental practice brokers In California are available to perform a variety of services for sellers and buyers.

Start Commercial Property Listings

The brokers start a listing for any dental professionals who are ready to place their practice on the market. Typically, the listing process involves a posting on the Multiple Listing Service. The listings show all items included in the sale, images of the property, and show the name of the current owner. Once the listing is active, any brokers who use the MLS can see the listing and present it to buyers.

Show Practices to Prospective Buyers

Brokers also make arrangements for prospective buyers to visit the practice and review the property. The showing involves a complete walkthrough of the property, and the broker discloses all vital details about the property. The buyer chooses the property that meets their preferences and has the option to view any properties they prefer.

Negotiate Sales Contracts

The sales contract is legally binding, and each party must fulfill the terms of the contract during the transaction. The broker can negotiate the terms between the buyer and seller to ensure a fair and reasonable transaction for each party.

Set Up Closings for the Buyer and Seller

The broker makes arrangements for the closing by contacting all parties involved. Typically, an attorney, a representative from the mortgage company, the buyer, and the seller attend the closing. Each party plays a vital role in the process, and the attorney ensures that the legal rights of each party are met.

In California, dental practices are listed and sold by brokers who specialize in the commercial real estate. The service providers create listings for new practices that are going on the market. They also present the properties to buyers when approached. Buyers or sellers who need assistance from dental practice brokers In California can contact Western Practice Sales right now.

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