Teeth Whitening In Castle Hill: Benefits

You’ve probably seen the commercials for toothpaste that whiten and may wonder if you should consider buying them. The tissue test is a common way to tell how white your smile is because most tissues are white. You hold it up to your smile and can instantly see the difference. If you’ve tried that test before and have found that your smile is stained or yellow, teeth whitening in Castle Hill could be beneficial to you. While at-home kits or toothpaste can help maintain your smile, they aren’t strong enough to whiten effectively, in most cases.

Teeth whitening in Castle Hill ensures that you have a beautiful smile for many months or even years, depending on your lifestyle. The Smartbleach 3LT system uses green-light lasers and a unique red gel. The gel is put on each tooth, and then the laser is used to “shock” the gel. It’s a quick process that takes less than two hours, and you can leave the office with a brighter smile. Plus, the gel and the laser are gentle enough to use on the tooth enamel, even if yours has weakened. You can relax and enjoy some quiet music or a movie while the dentist and team do the procedure, ensuring that you get a few moments to yourself during your hectic day. It may not be done at a spa, but they are sure to offer a spa-like experience.

At Hills Dental Care, they understand that you may be upset when your smile doesn’t sparkle or dazzle. While you don’t want them to be overly white, you want a natural sheen that enhances your whole face. Their teeth whitening in Castle Hill can last years, even if you still drink dark coloured beverages, which means you can get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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