The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teeth Whitening In Flemington

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Dentistry

New Jersey dental patients can acquire a wide array of cosmetic dental services. Among the most popular selections are Teeth Whitening in Flemington. All cosmetic services have one primary goal, to improve the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s smile. Whitening treatments are beneficial in achieving this overall goal.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Common conceptions associated with whiter, brighter teeth include the belief that individuals with these radiant smiles are more attractive than those who do not have them. With this notion, more dental patients are acquiring the procedures. Although the majority of the public may or may not agree with this perception of beauty, it is a fact that patients with healthier teeth and gums tend to smile more often.

Youthful appearances are an advantage of Acquiring Teeth Whitening. As dentist will tell you, baby teeth maintain their whiteness far longer than adult teeth. As patients age, the adult teeth will begin to yellow and become discolored. Whitening treatments can combat this hindrance to your own smile by breaking down any plaque or debris that contributes to staining of tooth enamel. With whiter teeth, you can acquire this youthful glow as well.

Common Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening Treatments

The most commonly reported side effects of teeth whitening treatments are irritation and soreness within the gums. Patients with a heightened sensitivity to peroxide-based products may not be the right candidates for these procedures. Most patients report that the side effects wear off after a few hours. However, patients who experience sensitivity could suffer adverse reactions. Visit Hunterdon Family Dental for more information.

Dentists who offer cosmetic whitening treatments can perform a sensitivity test to determine whether these reactions are probable. They can also provide a trial run for patients with severely misaligned teeth. In these cases, it is less likely that the trays will provide a proper fit. Without immediate access to all teeth, the treatment could be less beneficial for these patients.

Severely discolored teeth in which the patient has possessed extensive staining for a long duration may require several treatments before results are seen. When these attempts are unsuccessful, the patient should consider other alternatives such as veneers which cover the front of the tooth and remedy extreme discoloration. If the tooth is damaged and fillings have failed, he or she could acquire a crown to prevent tooth loss and further damage.

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