When to Rely on an Emergency Dentist in Montclair

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Dental Care

There are times in life when dental emergencies come up. This can present a challenge to find a dental office that is open and can work on your teeth without a prior appointment.

Loose Crowns or Fillings

One of the times you may be required to visit the dentist is when a crown becomes loose or falls off the tooth. The exposed tooth underneath the crown could be endangered when left untreated. It is important to get into the emergency dentist in Montclair to cement the crown back onto the tooth.

Additionally, if a filling falls out, this will require immediate dental assistance to restore the filling.

Dental Pain

If you experience dental pain you will want to visit the dentist to see what the cause of the pain may be. Diagnosing the tooth causing the pain will likely need an x-ray for a thorough view of the tooth that is the source of discomfort. Consider going to an emergency dentists in Montclair to fix your dental problem.

Additionally, if the gum surrounding the tooth is abscessed or swollen this is an indication there is nerve damage to the tooth and root canal may be required. A complete and thorough examination of the tooth will be required to determine if a root canal is the necessary treatment.


A common reason people an emergency dentist is due to an accident that causes damage to the teeth. When a tooth is unexpectedly knocked out or loosened due to playing a sport or being active in any area, this will require a visit to the dentist immediately.

Obtaining a proper diagnosis of your injury is critical to the health of your teeth and allowing you to avoid long-term damage.

Finally, be sure to talk directly to your dental professional to allow you to know the best method of treatment when dealing with an emergency dental issue. It is possible a simple visit may be all that is required to fix your problem without a great deal of anxieties or extensive costs. Additionally, you can ask the cosmetic dentistry professional of ways to improve the look of your teeth when making an emergency visit.

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