The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Chanhassen

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Dentistry

Many people have a certain unexplained fear of the dentist. This fear plays a main role in keeping them away from the dental checkups that would be beneficial in spotting problems before they become major complications. The dental community has come up with the perfect solution to this problem, sedation dentistry. If you have not tried this before, maybe it is time to start learning about Sedation Dentistry in Chanhassen.

Types of sedatives used

A sedative is a substance that health care experts use to alter your mood and state of the mind so that you can relax and stop getting agitated during treatment. There are different types of sedatives applied when carrying out sedation dentistry. Below are some of the options that you will get from your dentist.

Oral sedatives

These are sedatives that are administered through the mouth. When the dentist decides to use oral sedatives on you, they will give you the pills to swallow a few hours before the surgery. It is important to have someone drive you to and from the dentist if you are taking oral sedatives because the effects of the sedatives take a few hours to fade off completely. The dentist will use local anesthesia in addition to the oral sedatives in order to numb the pain around the tooth being operated on.

Laughing gas

This is the most common type of sedative used in the dentistry industry. Before the dentist performs the procedure, they will help you lie down in a perfect condition. When you are comfortable, they will attach the gas mask on your face and instruct you to count backwards. They will remove the mask when you are fully sedated. Laughing gas is used together with local anesthesia in order to numb the pain around the tooth.

IV sedation

Serious dental surgery that needs you to be out for several hours could lead to the need for IV sedation. In this method, the sedative is administered into the blood stream through an IV tube.

These are the three common techniques that fall under Sedation Dentistry in Chanhassen. If you have been staying away from the dentist because of dental phobias, you can now face the fears with sedation dentistry.

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