The Importance of Dental Care in Waikiki

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Dentist

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the true importance of keeping their smile healthy. Over half of Americans neglect to see their dentist twice a year for preventative care appointments. Even though a person may brush and floss as they should, avoiding the dentist may allow oral health concerns to go undiagnosed, leading to damage of the smile. Since it has been proven preventative care is crucial for a healthy teeth and gums, people need to make sure they are scheduling their appointments as often as they should.

Through dental care in Waikiki, people can help to ensure they keep a healthy smile for life. These appointments are carried out every six months so a person’s teeth and gums are thoroughly checked along with them undergoing a cancer screening. These appointments seek to clean the teeth along with screening for common oral health concerns.

Cleanings have been proven to be one of the biggest deterrents to cavities because they remove the substances that lead to decay. Plaque and tartar are both removed so they are no longer endangering the teeth. The teeth are also carefully flossed to remove these sticky substances from between them.

When the teeth have been cleaned, a fluoride treatment is applied. These treatments help to strengthen the enamel so a person’s teeth are made stronger and more protected. Fluoride treatments are much stronger than the fluoride people get from their home toothpaste. This treatment should be carried out twice a year for optimum results.

During preventative care appointments, the dentist will also fully examine the mouth for signs of decay, infection, cancer or developmental issues. Once a year, the dentist takes X-rays to keep up with any changes or concerns that are occurring with the teeth.

If you have been neglecting your Dental Care in Waikiki, it is time to see the dentist as soon as possible. For more information on the dental services available, visit They provide expert dental services to their patients so they can avoid the common oral health concerns that often occur. Through their dental services, their patients are able to keep healthier, more beautiful smiles.

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