The Top Three Questions About Porcelain Veneers In Roseburg Oregon

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Dental Care

Smiling with chipped or discolored teeth can be embarrassing for some people. If you don’t smile as often as you’d like to because of imperfect teeth, consider visiting a Porcelain Veneers Roseburg Oregon area dentist to improve your smile. Learn more information about porcelain veneers by reading the top three questions asked by dental patients.

Q.) What are porcelain veneers and how do they work to improve a person’s smile?

A.) Porcelain veneers are made to cover the imperfections on the surface of a tooth. These coverings are extra thin and they’re made in a dental lab to look just like a natural tooth. The color of a veneer is made to match a person’s teeth. To ensure that the veneers look natural, the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth before sending it to the dental lab.

Q.) How does a dentist perform the procedure for porcelain veneers?

A.) Before placing the veneers on a patient’s teeth, the dentist has to remove a thin layer of enamel from the surface of each tooth. This is done to shape the tooth so the veneer will fit properly on the tooth’s surface. After the tooth is ready for the veneer, the Porcelain Veneers Roseburg Oregon dentist uses cement to attach the veneer to the front of the tooth. The dental cement that a dentist uses creates a secure bond that withstands eating and brushing. Visit here to know more.

Q.) Is it difficult to take care of porcelain veneers and how long do they last?

A.) Porcelain veneers often last for up to 20 years in patients who take good care of their teeth. If a veneer falls off or needs to be replaced, a porcelain veneers in Roseburg Oregon area dentist can attach a new veneer to the tooth. Individuals who have porcelain veneers should practice good oral health by regular brushing, flossing and scheduling frequent visits to the dentist for a cleaning and an oral examination.

If you want to change the appearance of your teeth with porcelain veneers, schedule an appointment with Harvard Dental Group. In addition to cosmetic dental procedures, this clinic also provides general dentistry and emergency dental services.

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