Tooth Abscess Treatment Begins With the Dentists in Childress TX

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Dentist

When a person begins experiencing tooth pain that is unrelenting, there could be an infection involved. An infection in a tooth is called a tooth abscess. An abscess can cause tooth pain that grows in intensity. It can also cause swelling in the gums and jaw, along with pus drainage. When an infection becomes severe, a person may experience a fever. When these symptoms are present, a person needs to see one of the Dentists in Childress TX. If a tooth goes untreated, it can begin to die, and the infection can spread to other teeth and the gum tissue.

If a patient has a tooth abscess, the dentist will first examine the tooth and may also take some X-ray films to determine how severe the infection has become. The first step of treatment involves draining the pus. A pocket of pus typically develops at the base of the tooth and can place extreme pressure on the tooth and the tooth next to it. This pus pocket can also cause inflammation in the gum tissue.

The dentist will first carefully numb the area and will then use a needle to extract the pus, so the pressure is relieved. While this relieves the pain and pressure, further treatment is crucial or the pus pocket will continue to grow and cause the same pain to occur again.

The dentist will need to treat the tooth with antibiotics to bring the infection under control. Thin strips that are full of antibiotics can be placed down into the gum tissue around the tooth, so the infection is brought under control. In some instances, the dentist will also need to give the patient an oral antibiotic to ensure all traces of infection are eliminated.

In some cases, an abscess treatment must be followed up with a root canal. A root canal can clean out the inside of a tooth and help to prevent tooth necrosis. With careful treatment, a tooth may be able to be saved.

If you are experiencing the signs of a tooth abscess, you can learn more about treatment when you Browse website. Panhandle Dental will be happy to schedule you an appointment so your tooth can be treated. Through the Dentists in Childress TX, your smile health can be protected.

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