What Are Dental Implants?

Most people are keen advocates of oral hygiene, they know how important healthy teeth are and these people are justifiably proud of their smile. Should they lose a tooth or damage one beyond repair this can quickly shatter their confidence. Having to hide behind your hand every time you smile can be very embarrassing, not only that, a missing tooth can make a person look considerably older than what they are. In the not too distant past the only solution for one or more missing teeth was a bridge or a removable denture. Today a Northbrook IL dentist has a third solution; the dentist can leave the patient with permanent teeth that look and feel every bit as natural as the ones replaced.

The implant is actually a titanium pin which is imbedded directly into the patients jawbone. Dental implants are an ideal solution for tooth replacement for people who have healthy gums and have practiced good oral hygiene which has led to good oral health. Once the implant has fused with the bone it can last a person’s lifetime, within a short period of time the patient forgets it is there.

For a patient who is healthy and has oral architecture that is right for the procedure the success rate is remarkably high. When a natural tooth is lost to decay or trauma the gum which supported the tooth slowly shrinks and recedes. When a tooth implant procedure is undertaken shortly after the loss of the tooth, this deterioration of tissue does not take place. Unlike a bridge or a denture, a tooth implant does not disturb any other teeth. Although the entire procedure can take several months, when the Northbrook IL dentist is finished no one would even think that the tooth is not natural.

There is really no limitation on the number of dental implants a patient can have, every tooth can be replaced with an implant if that is the wish of the patient. The actual number of implants is only limited to the amount of healthy jaw bone. Even in cases where there is insufficient bone to support the implant the Northbrook IL dentist can graft bone to the site from either the patient or a cadaver donor.

A Northbrook IL dentist can perform a tooth implant on a patient regardless of age. The procedure takes several months to complete as the titanium implant must fuse solidly with the jaw bone, becoming in fact the “root” for the new crown. During this lengthy process the dentist will fit the patient with a temporary tooth.

Dr. Thomas Adams, FICA is a highly skilled Northbrook IL dentist. If you have lost a tooth for any reason Dr. Adams can replace it with a permanent false tooth or teeth. Browse the site dradamsdentist.com for more information.

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