The Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatments

by | May 22, 2015 | Dental

An orthodontist is a dental professional that deals with problems associated with malocclusions otherwise known as misaligned teeth and jaws. The primary methods employed in treating these issues are braces and retainers however the orthodontist in Downers Grove also will turn to extractions when necessary as well as invisible tooth aligners. Although orthodontic treatment is often done on a patient in his or her teens, orthodontic care is equally important for youngsters and adults.

Most people, when they think of orthodontic treatments immediately think of metal braces and rubber bands. This is indeed a common approach that an orthodontist turns to. These devices, metal braces and bands are called fixed braces; they are designed to remain in the patient’s mouth during the entire period of treatment. These braces are installed by the orthodontist in such a way that they apply gentle but constant pressure to the teeth. This steady pressure slowly moves the teeth into the position that orthodontist wants. During the treatment period, which can last a year or more, the patient visits the orthodontist where minute adjustments are made based on the progress. These types of braces are used for both the upper and lower teeth and are visible.

Over time the braces will have done the job the orthodontist planned for. Once the braces are removed the patient will be given a retainer which is a much simpler appliance. The retainer is removable and is usually worn at night for a year or so. The retainer is not worn while the wearer is eating or drinking and is rarely used during the day.

Traditional braces are very visible during the lengthy period that they are worn by the patient. This can prove to be an inconvenience for some people who wish to hide the fact that they are undergoing orthopedic procedures. These people are those which are often in the public eye; people on TV, those who work in public relations, etc. The orthodontist in Downers Grove has the solution; they can fit braces which are either clear plastic or made from porcelain, both of which are less obvious.

There are relatively new solutions available which have proven to be very successful in straightening teeth. The appliance is completely invisible and fits over the patients teeth. During the complete course of treatment the patient will wear as many as 20 or more of these devices, each is a little different but they all exert pressure which moves the teeth into perfect alignment. An added advantage to invisible braces is the fact that they can be removed easily for cleaning, eating or even on a night out.

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