What are the Options for Teeth whitening in Wilmette?

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Dentistry

When you meet someone for the first time, their smile is often the first thing you notice about them. When your teeth are dull, yellowed or discolored, your smile does not look attractive. Since you are concerned with looking your very best, a yellow smile can make you feel self-conscious and even embarrassed to smile. If you are dealing with staining in your teeth, there are more options than ever, to achieve the white teeth you desire. Through Teeth whitening in Wilmette, you can have the brilliant white smile time has stolen from you.

As you age, your teeth naturally begin to darken and yellow. This process is even more pronounced if you eat certain foods, drink coffee or wine or take certain medications. Aside from staining from medications, food stains are easily reversed with whitening treatments through your dentist. Even if you have severe discoloration caused by medications, you can still achieve a glowing white smile.

What Options are Available to Whiten Your Teeth?

Though you could purchase at-home whitening kits, these are often not effective in whitening the teeth. They only offer a mild strength compared to what the dentist offers. These treatments can only remove the most superficial of stains and often leave behind the stains found in the inner dentin area. These treatments can also cause sensitivity issues with your teeth.

Traditional teeth whitening involves the dentist painting your teeth with a whitener and allowing it to penetrate the enamel and begin to remove the stains. If the staining is more pronounced, the dentist may need to provide you with a bleaching treatment. Bleaching is carried out like traditional whitening, but uses a laser to intensify the whitening process. If bleaching is not an option, for permanent staining, bonding can cover the teeth and make them look beautifully white, through a special compound that is plastered over the teeth.

To learn more about the different teeth whitening procedures in Wilmette and which one will best benefit your particular needs.

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