What to Do After a Tooth Extraction in Roseburg Oregon

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Dentistry

In the hours and days after a Tooth Extraction in Roseburg Oregon, the patient will need to take a few basic precautions. The dentist will outline those precautions before the extraction takes place and then go over them again once the procedure is complete. In order to help the patient make preparations in advance, here are some things to put in place before leaving for the dentist office.

Someone to Drive Home

While it is true that a tooth extraction in Roseburg Oregon is not considered a major dental procedure, some extractions do require the use of sedation along with numbing the area around the tooth. Have a friend or loved one come along for the office visit. If the patient is still a little woozy after the tooth is extracted, there will be no question of who will be behind the wheel for the drive home. The patient can settle into the passenger seat and enjoy the scenery while the friend takes care of the driving.

Pain Medication

Within a few hours after the extraction is finished, the feeling will begin to return in and round the vacant socket. At this juncture, it pays to be ready to use methods that help to ease the discomfort. For some patients, applying an ice pack to the cheek will be enough to do the job. Others will find that taking some sort of over the counter pain medication will ease the pain and make it possible to relax.

Keep in mind that if over the counter medication is used, avoid any product that tends to thin the blood. The dentist will provide a list of products that are safe to take and will allow the normal clotting process to proceed. Only use pain products that have the approval of the dentist.


Since the tissue in and around the socket will be sensitive, avoid any type of food or drink that is hot or cold for at least the rest of the day. Something that is at room temperature will work just fine. Softer foods that do not require any chewing is also a good idea. By avoiding irritation to the area, the affected area will continue to heal without any type of complication.

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