White fillings: Smile a bright, white smile.

What would you say is your strength? Your lustrous hair, the depth in your eyes? Or your shiny white teeth? Many of us ignore those pearl whites within our mouth but those who do take care of them remain as proud owners of 32 brilliant teeth that make for a beautiful smile too.

Dental amalgams: Are they safe?
But it isn’t over for those who have ignored their dental needs. Many have to resort to amalgam fillings in order to save their teeth and this has been a practice carried out since years. However, recent studies show that white fillings, a concept synonymous with cosmetic dentistry, is the safer option today as amalgam fillings may not be as safe as you think it is.

The studies show that…
White fillings are the ‘opted for’ option today compared to the ‘necessary’ one mainly because of its advantages over the dental amalgams. Research conducted has shown that dental amalgam may not lead to serious health issues but the traces of mercury may be released when chewing and this may lead to certain neurological disorders among developing children. Dental amalgams also contain silver, mercury and copper.

The preferred option today
These are reasons enough for cosmetic dentists to ask their patients to go in for white fillings that are comparatively safer and much more appealing. White fillings aren’t a long-term solution yet, but they score over aspects such as appearance and have no ‘health issues’ linked to it. With one’s teeth already in a mess, one would want to go for an option that doesn’t mess it up further. The mercury issues connected to dental amalgam has made white fillings the popular choice now. White fillings also give your smile a makeover that would keep you smiling for quite a long time.

Aesthetically appealing, white fillings are the healthier and the more beautiful option. So keep your teeth shining bright and white.

Dental Amalgams

Dental Amalgams

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